The ListnDo App.

An easy to use application that will help you organize all your to-do lists and complex tasks. Let your mind focus on executing, always be in control, and never again go back to that sheet of paper you always seem to lose!

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It's so simple.

Come up with your own hierarchy of tasks and sub tasks and add as many levels as you need. Remember that doctor’s appointment and get directions from your current location. Email your tasks to co-workers in a business-friendly format. Synchronize your tasks with popular online tools.

Backup and Restore your tasks on the Cloud using your dropbox account.

Move tasks and sub tasks freely between levels with no hassle.

Easily set up alarms and get them whenever you want.

Main Features

Infinite Hierarchy

Organize your tasks in an infinite hierarchy of parent tasks and sub-tasks and keep track of complex projects.

Gmail Tasks Synchronization

Connect with your Google account and synchronize your tasks with Gmail!

Phone Integration

Let your phone help you complete your tasks by setting tasks to make a call, send an email, get driving directions to a physical location, visit a web site, etc.

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